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Happy to work with Childpaths to protect Child minders and Children's data


Protect your children

Child minders need to protect children's data. Data Protection policies and procedures show compliance and protects against complaints, investigations and prosecutions.

Ensure your policies and procedures are in place before something happens.

How can we help you?

We can advise on all your data protection and employment problems - from a once-off consultation at your premises to drafting all your policies and procedures or project managing an investigation, data breach or employee complaint.

Contact us with no obligation.


CCTV in child care service requires a mandatory data protection policy


Argent Business Consultants,  10 Blessington Street, Dublin 7.



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Do you have proper data protection and employee polices and procedures in place to protect yourself?

Do you know how to deal with a data breach?

Do you know how to report issues to the Data Protection Commission and parents or guardians without inviting litigation or further complaints?

Contact us now for help.